Morning, People

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It's good to wake up and jot a few words on paper down, and what better place to post little bits of toasted fiction but on the site. Here's the first of many little jots of writing to pass the time wherever you are. 

Oh, and good morning - C.P.

Morning, People

--Early rise. I love it. Don't you love it,

--Well I don't. I don't love it. 

--Come on. Sun shining, whole day stretching ahead of you. The early bird really does catch the worm Macey. 

--More like the early bird flies head first into a truck cos they can't wipe the sleep from they eye. 

--OK Mace, I'm gonna just assume you're not a morning person and go make some coffee. Try not to kill anyone in the time it takes me. 

--Well I'll try but I can't guarantee someone ain't gonna piss me off. 

--Well OK then, today's gonna be fun.