OUT NOW: The Shadow People Won't Take Us Alive & Other Lost Souls

“The world is a dark place sometimes. But don’t worry, The Shadow People Won’t Take Us Alive. Allow me to light the way...”

The second collection from best-selling author (honestly, it's true) Christopher Patrick (me) is now available to order! 

I'm really excited to be bringing another book out - the second one after 2016's Toasted Fiction: A Collection of Very Short Stories (That Nobody Asked For) - with another range of stories that are designed to make you laugh, cry a little but ultimately feel good. 

The Shadow People Won't Take Us Alive & Other Lost Souls features tales of hope, love and family. From an old lady's wig collection to a last minute quest for crisps & dip to the apocalypse, the idea behind this book is to warm your heart and shine some light on even the darkest of days.

2017 has been a bit of a gloomy year. Perhaps this is in reaction to that. We've got to find a little joy and a little hope and a little love to get us through. And, like the characters in this book, if you're one of the lost souls don't worry - everything will be alright in the end. 

It's available in both paperback and digital. Get your copy now and allow the book to light the way. 

The Shadow People, they won't take us alive.

Praise For The Author's Last Book "It's entirely possible that this is my favorite book this year" Dave Barrett (Author of It's All Fun & Games) "These little pieces of Toasted Fiction are gems" Jason Pomerance (Author of Women Like Us)

Chris Patrick