Sal & Jez: The Keepers #1

Sal & Jez pop up now and again with interesting conversations from a story yet to be written. Who’d like to hear more from Sal & Jez?



Sal: “Jez?”

Jez: “Aye?”

Sal: “What happens to those that take other people’s suffering as a prize?”

Jez: “What?”

Sal: “If you take an other persons suffering as a prize. If someone’s pain gives you cause to smile. Have you won, or have you simply lost twice?”

Jez: “Depends. What’s the prize?”

Sal: “Nothing Jez. Doesnae matter. Just go back to watching or go back to sleep.”

Jez: “Awrite. Here, Sal?

Sal: “Aye?”

Jez: “What would you do if you one the lottery?”


— The Keepers (C.Patrick)