Introducing Pocket Fiction with new short story Rocket Man

Pocket Fiction 


Brand new story Rocket Man available now via the new Toasted Fiction series, Pocket Fiction. 

Find out more below.

What's Pocket Fiction Then?

Besides being a kind of cool name, Pocket Fiction are new short stories from Toasted Fiction, the idea being that you can both fit them in your pocket and get a story for just a few pennies in your pocket.

So you can pick a pocket of fiction for just a few pennies today. 

Sounds alright. But what if I don't want to pay at all?


Well f#@k you! 

Nah, I'm just kidding. That's fair enough. Every penny's a prisoner. Which is why all digital downloads are made available initially for free. Yes, FREE! And you can decide what to you want to pay, if you want to pay. Anything from 1p to £1 - it's up to you. 

I really should call it PickPocket Fiction shouldn't I? Cos your stealing from me!

Again, just kidding.

Why do you keep trying to make us read your stuff?


I cannae help it. I love writing and telling stories. You don't need to read them but I think they're no bad and you might enjoy them. 

This is my way of trying to get some stories out there and maybe make up some lunch money. Or at least enough to by a Freddo if I sell one story. 

A Freddo? Mate you'll need to sell more than one story, they're a fortune now. 



Aye, they're 25p. 


That's me f#@%*ed then. 

Aye. What if I don't like reading digitally and want to read it in paper format?


Well, either you can print it off yourself or you can spend a bit of money and buy the paperback versions. But they're like £10.

£10!? You're onto plums mate. You've tae chance. 


Aye, I know. 

Anyway, one last thing. Pocket Fiction. PF for short. Sure this is short stories aye?


Aye. It is. It's no Plant Food. 

This isnae that kind of site. 

The first story in the Pocket Fiction series, Rocket Man is now available to download here. 

Chris Patrick