Episode 1: Fools On A Hill by Christopher Patrick


Not satisfied with the direction the world is heading, two Christians take it upon themselves to start spreading the word of God again and put the world to rights the only way they know how – a good old fashioned crucifixion.

Hammer. Nails. Crucifix. Co-Codamal. This is bound to end well.


I was both very nervous and very excited about recording this play in front of an audience.  Fools On A Hill, was my first ever attempt at writing something that was purely a comedy & the script had never been tested with a cast never mind an audience. The play tells the tale of two Christians who decide to spread the word of God again with a good old fashioned crucifixion, armed only with a hammer, nails, crucifix and co-codamol.

I was nervous because I didn’t know whether the audience would laugh or be offended. But the response was fantastic. It was thrilling. I’m a big fan of those comedians or writers who take on topics that are potentially a little taboo or could potentially offend and make them funny whilst making a bit of statement – although it doesn’t feel like that. Religion is such a sensitive subject but one that I can’t help coming back to writing comedy around – I have a lot to say on the subject whether it be about religious fundamentalism, Christianity, Catholicsm or any organized religion – but in a funny way. I love those funny stories that make you feel a little mischevious or guilty to laugh at when you know you probably shouldn’t and it’s a little blasphemous. Fools On A Hill was my first real attempt at this and to my surprise it really worked. Neil John Gibson and Charlie Graham, who played the Christians, and they absolutely nailed the performance (pun intended) and shamefully made me laugh out loud at my own work.