Episode 6: Echoes and Jigsaw Until the Sea by Heloise Thual


In a house which echoes aren’t her own, Lily can hear her Mum playing “Truth Or Breath” every night in the bathroom. Maybe if Lily completes her jigsaw before her Mum ran out of breath, she will be invited to play the game too.

Mum now spends her nights in the bathroom.Playing some kind of game.Truth or Breath. Breath or Truth. 

Echoes And Jigsaw Until The Sea, by Heloise Thual, was one of the scripts that I read throughout the year when preparing the line up for each show, that I kept finding myself coming back too. There was something mysterious, poetic and lyrical about the writing that really drew me towards including it in the first series. Echoes is, again, very different from any of the other episodes and is a unique style, blending this poetic writing with enough mystery to the story it’s telling to keep the audience under its spell long after it finishes - it took me multiple reads to understand exactly who the story is about and what it’s about and it wasn’t really until conversations with the actors and the writer that this was confirmed. But really, the fact that you can have a different interpretation to what the story is than me, the writer and the actors is great.