Episode 7: Guffy By Glenna Saachi

Guffy is a Scottish lass born and bred in Alloa. Present.

Alba is the elderly Scottish woman that bred her. Past.

The bairn is but a few months old bred by them both. Future.

They co-exist at the bottom end of Alloa.

“If yer frae the Bottom End ye dinnae get oot”


Glenna originally sent through an extract of Guffy, her guttural, allegorical tale about the titular Scottish lass born and bred in Alloa, in the body of her e-mail and it was on the strength of this that I included the script in our July recordings for Series 1. I remember reading that e-mail and laughing out loud which I took as a sure-fire positive sign. Written and performed in Scots dialect, it was a tricky one to rehearse and get right purely because we wanted to ensure that the writer’s Alloa based dialogue was maintained. That and it featured a baby!


Guffy had a really good response from the audience, and one that’s probably been asked about most in terms of when the episode will be released - which is great for the podcast series but also for Glenna! A well-written slice of tragically comic domestic Scottish life with a dark heart at its centre. It’s one of our episodes that gets the audience into a comfort zone before taking a little turn which is always fun to do – the audience never saw it coming and neither will the listeners.


Episode 7 is now streaming on Soundcloud & iTunes.


Guffy is a guttural allegorical tale of the state of our nation.

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