Episode 12: Responsible by Eve Nicol

Sam is excited but nervous to leave school and become A Proper Grown Up. She thinks her fun, youthful English teacher, Emma, has got life sorted. But Sam knows little about her private life.

Emma hasn’t never really grown up. Comforting herself with Monster Munch and kids’ cartoons, Emma resists embracing her new obligations as a teacher.

Sam flatters Emma’s fragile self-esteem, but Emma’s returned attention pulls them into a risky relationship that will challenge their ideas of what it means to be an adult.

Growing up can put years on you.

Performed by Hazel Ann Crawford, Megan Hair & Kirsty Strain

Sound Recorded By: Keiran Lowrie
Tech: Ian Swinscoe

Recorded live on the 29th September 2016 at the Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock.

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